Soon You Will Drive An Aston Martin To The Port, Then Take An Aston Martin Yacht To The Water

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“In imagination, there’s no limitation.” — Mark Victor Hansen

There are certain companies that immediately conjure a British way of life, and Aston Martin is one of those. Redolent of polished wood, the scent of leather, of pulling up at polo match or cricket pitch, it is a name recognized across the world. For many decades, Aston Martin has maintained an image of racing success, hand-built quality and good looks. A car that is sexy enough so that even Jony Ive, father of most Apple products, loves to drive in every day. Aston Martin is as sexy as your dream woman, and as manly as your dream gentlemen. I can imagine they would have great marine batteries in their yachts as well.

But not just that, the British company is working on a new yacht in order to help you complete your Aston Martin Collection. It’s the result of a partnership with Dutch boatbuilder Quintessence Yachts and the naval architects at Mulder Design. The “James Bond” boat measures 47 feet long — which is a little more than two Rapides parked end to end. The vessel’s design takes cues from Aston’s luxury GTs, particularly in the driving console.

aston-martin-quintessence-yachtsThe project is still a mystery in terms of technical specs, but Quintessence says it will feature a “hi-tech composite structure allied to luxury sports car-like handling, performance and comfort.” Some other features that it will be coming with incorporate voice control and touchscreen display for the navigation and multimedia system.

astonmartin-yacht-am37-050615-feature-690x329The yacht will be offered in two versions: the AM37 with a top speed of 50 knots (about 57 MPH) and the AM37 S that will top out at 60 knots (about 70 MPH). The AM37 is more of a gran turismo leisure boat with an even higher degree of luxury, while the AM37 S is more likely a true sports yacht.

There’s no need to talk about the price tag since we’re talking about Aston Martin, but a small quote from TechDrive may give you the motivation to purchase either the AM37 or AM37 S: Work like a captain, play like a pirate.

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