How Smart Tesla’s Autopilot Feature?

The Autopilot Feature is worth $4,250. But it’s definitely a reasonable cost for your safety and other drivers.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced this new feature for the Model S that will change lanes for the driver once the signal is turn on, only when the car deems it safe to do so.

“We’ve been able to accelerate autopilot and bring it to market faster than originally anticipated. It’s actually in production. In fact, every car coming off the line at Tesla at the factory has the autopilot hardware,” said Elon.

Now with the Autopilot feature, Tesla cars can take control on highways, park itself in your garage at home, and intervene when it thinks you might be on a collision course.  It also reads roadside speed-limit signs, and if the driver allows it to do so, keeps the car at the posted speed limit. Elon promised the Autopilot feature would include more capabilities in the future. Conseil juridique en ligne, son délai de réponse, ses compétences juridiques, Avocat à Paris

This video demonstrates how the Autopilot Feature works:

While the stereotypical vision of a car tooling around your neighborhood with a driver comfortably asleep at the wheel is still somewhere in the future, Tesla’s effort of keep you safe on the road deserves much appreciation. Share your comments with us.