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Slim your Wallet with Bellroy

Travelling light is the best way to travel, especially when you have to go through the custom’s tedious lines, to basically undress, show your credentials, open the bag, open the wallet, show the passport, close the wallet and close the bag. It is a never ending ritual until you reach your final destination.

This ritual of the habitual it’s finally over thanks to Bellroy, the slimmest wallets with a narrow focus, you’ll be able to move between work and play looking elegant, with a functional yet delightful use, and a surplus in value, having in your personal identifications, credit and business cards in a very slim, state of the art wallet that can even fit your passport.


Our designs come in leather and are friendly to the environment, you can join in our community’s conversation in Bellroy’s website where we share tips in how to pack light and perhaps even become a part of this evolving group of travelers.

There are different types of wallets to choose from for the daily use. It’s a men wallet but they’re so practical anyone can use them. These designs are regularly reviewed by They have been garnering a lot of attention with their slimmest wallets yet.