Shyp Is Turning Its Couriers Into Employees

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Workers who pick up packages from Shyp customers will be converted from independent contractor status to part-time or full-time employees, making them eligible for such benefits as health care, the San Francisco start-up said Wednesday. This means that these employees will no longer be seen as independent contractors. Before now, these workers would’ve had to be declared as independent contractors when Shyp filed their taxes. However, now that they work for the company, there will be no need to do this. They can now be filed under their payroll tax. It’s important that Shyp understands this. If they failed to mention these new employees on their tax report, they could be facing a tax audit. If that’s the case, the business might need an audit attorney to help them correct their taxes. They could call upon a law firm like Brotman Law, for example. This should prevent them from experiencing any further issues.

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Are employees more expensive than contractors? The answer is yes.

The announcement comes two weeks after the California Labor Commission ruled that one Uber driver was an employee, not a contractor.

“This move is an investment in a longer-term relationship with our couriers, which we believe will ultimately create the best experience for our customers,” CEO Kevin Gibbon said in a blog post.

Couriers will receive additional coaching and training, and Shyp will pay for vehicle expenses in addition to unemployment, Social Security and Medicare taxes, Gibbon said.

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If you are recently disabled and wondering how you are going to make ends meet, social security disability or supplemental security income may fit the bill. The problem is you have heard a lot of discouraging information or have some preconceived ideas about the application process. Here are five common misconceptions or outright myths about these two social programs and applying for benefits. Hopefully, these will put your mind at ease and encourage you to go down to a Kentucky Social Security office, or an office in your state to start your claim. The company is growing fast. After launching in San Francisco last year, it now has operations in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles and plans to expand to Chicago soon. The number of packages shipped by Shyp has grown nearly 500 percent since closing its first round of funding, the company says, and its customer base is growing by more than 20 percent month over month. Due to this enormous growth, the company needs to have reliable employees that it can trust, not just contractors. As well as healthcare and other work perks, employment engagement strategies will be implemented to make sure the employees are happy switching from couriers to full-time workers, creating a motivated and productive workforce who can keep up with demand.

The company officially launched about sixteen months ago, which is still relatively young for a startup, even considering its growth. Shyp did not share specific numbers on the size of its workforce but says “hundreds of people” work for the company. Maybe they should consider online rosters from Deputy to keep a better track of their employees or something similar if they don’t have that already. I’m sure it would help, I’ve heard of friends who run startups finding this kind of tool invaluable for organizing their staff.

By moving away from the contractor model, the company can gain a bit more control over the Shyp experience without having to deal with all the legal drama.

Shyp isn’t the only company making this transition. Instacart recently changed some of its grocery delivery people to employee status, for example.


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