Safety and Comfort: A Brief Buyer’s Guide for Soon-to-Be Volvo Owners

If you were asked to name a brand of car that offered some of the best safety features around it is highly likely that the name of Volvo will be first on many people’s lips.

If you are searching for used cars in Glendale, for instance, you will have safety and comfort as top priorities amongst your list of must-haves. Volvo have worked hard to achieve a strong reputation for building cars that are built to last and look after you, so what are the features that make them such a good choice if you are buying a used or new car?

Setting the safety bar as high as possible

It is worth remembering that Volvo is the only motor manufacturer to commit to completely eliminating fatalities as a result of enhanced safety features.

The three-point safety belt was a real game-changer when it was introduced in 1959 and Volvo has aimed to keep ahead of its rivals with safety a top priority in how it designs all its models.

Having already invented some of the most significant motor vehicle safety features introduced since cars became a must-have for many of us, Volvo are working on continuing to set the bar as high as possible.

A way to help avoid and mitigate collisions

A good feature to look out for in newer Volvo models would be driver assistance systems.

These driver assistance systems offer a variety of different features from multiple airbags around the vehicle to crumple zones. Volvo also provides driver assistance when it comes to maneuvering and even parking safely.

Intelligent driver assistance systems are designed to anticipate and help avoid a potential collision. Other intelligent safety features include a blind spot information system with steer assist, and an auto-brake feature where the car takes over if there is an imminent collision anticipated.

Not every Volvo model will have all of these driver assistance systems but it gives you an idea of how the company takes safety so seriously and how their models are evolving to incorporate these features.

Safety and comfort combined when it comes to car seats

Volvo car seats are made to deliver a high level of comfort and come with some excellent safety features too.

A typical Volvo car seat offers energy-absorbing functionality allowing the seat and the seat frame to deliver built-in protection from spinal injuries and to reduce the impact of a whiplash injury if you have a collision.

Airbags provide a high level of protection

Airbag technology has greatly evolved in recent years and Volvo has been at the forefront of those changes.

Side airbags and inflatable curtains are prime examples of how Volvo aims to protect all occupants in the event of a collision.

Whatever Volvo model you decide to buy it is clear that you will be purchasing a vehicle that has been specifically designed with your safety and comfort as a top priority. 

When you are browsing a choice of cars it is great to know that you can look at a Volvo model with a high degree of confidence that it will deliver on its promise of safety and comfort.