Rent-Thy Neighbour? EasyCar Club Revolutionises Car Rental

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The old script of borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbour has evolved over the years. And technology is helping to disrupt how we do business; building new ways for ancient systems. Rachel Botsman back in 2012 referred to this as the rise or revival of the Trust economy between people. Botsman refers to the breakdown of major business into agreements and companies that people can run wherever and however.

And nothing demonstrates this more than the creation of peer-to-peer companies, including EasyCar Club. Attention has built up over the years for this unique start-up with 2018 destined to be its breakout year. Consumers and major businesses have been paying close attention to it, with BMW being the recent example.

EasyCar on the up at BMW’s Innovation Lab

In February, BMW announced that the peer-to-peer car lender would be part of its 2018 innovation lab. According to Automotive World, the opportunity would open doors to big manufacturers and commercial businesses worldwide. This invitation demonstrates that this start-up is on a tremendous rise with its bright idea.

Working alongside BMW is a far cry from the origins of this company just four years earlier. Fully established in 2014, EasyCar provides a way for car seekers and car owners interacting, cutting out rental companies.

So how does it work?

For many car users, outside of working hours, their vehicle gets parked up for hours and even days. All the while, whether you live in the countryside or Central London, it soaks up money for upkeep and insurance. Meanwhile, those seeking out a car for a short-term work trip or holiday are caught up in the overlong rental process. Having to go through paperwork, submit insurance and license details just to use a car for even a few hours.

A car dealer in Singapore, on the other hand, serves to make your car work for you! Instead of having yours sitting in the driveway eating up money. Signing up allows you to rent out your car to anyone looking to borrow it from days to weeks. Those who’ve already listed their vehicles have been able to make over £3,000 per month according to the company.

From cars to vans, those looking to borrow a car for anything from commuting to moving can trust EasyCar. No 24 hour waiting period, no overly long process or unexpected costs, just set a date, time and location and you’re off! The service is fully insured through Admiral, meaning both user and lender won’t have to worry about potential damages.