Remember Arriving Early For Your Flight? Nor Do We! LAX Tests Biometrics

Previous generations will remember the time and patience needed when going on holiday via the airport. The late night/early morning transit to the airport, the overly long booking process and endless waiting. It’s the worst kind of scenario if you forget something like your ticket or passport at home.

It’s over a long span of time that this has been the approach we take on when travelling abroad. It was always better to be safe than sorry for something like this, but with LAX beginning a new boarding trial. The days of arriving at the airport for an 11 am flight at 5 will be the thing of the past if successful.

LAX test-drives Biometric Self-Boarding

Los Angeles Airport has become the first one to allow for biometric self-boarding to take place. This system effectively allows passengers to check-in and safely board their flight with only their biometric information. Forget your passport or ticket? Not a problem! By using fingerprints and facial recognition, you’ll never have to worry about missing things from your checklist.

According to Jennifer Gabris, US customs and border protection spokeswoman, made a statement, hailing it as a spectacular test. “The LAX technical demonstration is the first of its kind” within the US, with a wider-scale rollout on the cards.

It’s been announced that international airlines Qantas and Korean Air have elected to take part in this trial. In particular, Qantas has previously been in the news for its non-stop flight from Australia to the UK.

How it Works – Biometric self-boarding

Based on the technology used by the Portuguese company, Vision-Box. This system is linked to a database of passengers in order to validate the persons booking. Already, according to Lufthansa, the biometric travel system has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.