Quicket- The One Stop Shop App For Travel

Quicket, the app that wants to be your “one stop shop” app for travel has today released an update that lets you see friends on the same flight from more networks than before.

Now, the Germany-based startup is adding a new in-flight movie feature to the mix, letting users see ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes while they’re up in the sky, and now that free movie streaming is available passengers will enjoy their time a lot more.

The feature is available offline and is open to anyone, regardless of whether they booked their tickets through Quicket or not. You add the flight to your “My Flights” profile, and you’re then given a selection of flicks for the trip.

The app also does everything from allow you to book tickets and keep track of your upcoming flights to getting detailed seat maps of almost every plane model out there.


It’s worth noting here that the feature is currently compatible with 80 airlines, including most of the major international ones, and is designed to work with those that offer video-on-demand (VOD) screens for each passenger. So for flights with shared, communal screens, there won’t be so much value in this feature.

Quicket will only list movies that the airline has scheduled during the current month, but there isn’t a cast iron guarantee it will capture all the available titles on all routes, as these are prone to change. According to Quicket, the average in-seat system offers around 65 films, though some serve up as many as 300.

Source: VentureBeat