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Proactive Mac Care- Steps For A Complete Weekly Maintenance Routine

Macs are sturdy machines and perform well down the years, even with some basic care and maintenance. But that doesn’t mean they deserve less attention because you should surely go the extra mile to take care of a device that houses your important files and photos. Having a weekly maintenance routine is a great idea because it ensures that things do not get too complicated with excessive clutter in the system and load on its memory. Here are some basic measures for a complete weekly maintenance routine that can help you clean the mess proactively and keep everything in great shape. 

Remove unused app

The most common yet underrated cleanup and maintenance measure for Mac users is to get rid of unused apps. Over time, you are likely to install apps that you use for a while and then simply forget. Rather than piling them up in the system, clearing the unused ones every week is a smart way to create more workspace. Moreover, it will help you stay more focused because frequent app notifications are bound to distract you. Doing it regularly helps because there are no chances that you will skip removal when you do it this frequently.  

Update the apps

Apart from eliminating the redundant apps every week, you need to make sure that the ones you retain are updated to their latest versions. Running updated apps gives you access to all new features and enhancements. Further, they reduce risks and vulnerabilities for the system as they come with the necessary patches and bug fixes. All you need to do is view the list of available updates in the Mac App Store and go ahead with the updates. The sooner you do it, the better. 

Get rid of the redundant files

Having too many files clutters your Mac and exerts pressure on its memory. Eventually, you may experience compromise with its performance as well. A proactive weekly Mac clean initiative helps because it ensures that your system doesn’t become a dumping ground. It is easy for busy users to forget deleting files that are no longer required and they keep growing in numbers over time. Once you follow decluttering as a habit, your Mac will remain on top of both performance and maintenance fronts. 

Back up the Mac 

Another critical aspect of your Mac’s weekly maintenance is backups. It is a good practice that every user should follow because it backups safeguard your data from potential disasters. The simplest measure you can follow is by setting up a Time Machine because it takes automatic backups without any effort. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your stuff to an external hard drive or use a cloud-based service. Whatever you choose to do, being proactive about your backups is not a choice. 

Small efforts can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your Mac in great shape over the years. These proactive weekly maintenance measures can save you from major trouble and expenses in the long run, so it makes sense to follow the routine religiously, also check out Sodapdf compress