Polaris Acquires Brammo Motorcycles

la-fi-hy-polaris-buys-brammo-20150116Polaris has acquired e-bike maker Brammo in a deal that leaves the future of the Brammo name and its Oregon-based factory in limbo. Brammo has been building the Empulse/R and Enertia e-bikes for several years, but the models haven’t changed much since they first arrived — and the company has been discounting them drastically of late. Polaris is one of Brammo’s biggest investors, but decided to “recapitalize” it and “focus exclusively on the design, development and integration of electric vehicle powertrains.” Polaris also said it would “begin manufacturing electric motorcycles in the second half of 2015 at its Spirit Lake, IA facility.”

Brammo is an award-winning company behind the widely admired Empulse and Enertia electric motorcycles.

Polaris’ heft may help make Brammo more mainstream. The company’s sleek, powerful, and virtually silent motorcycles begin at $16,995 — out of reach for a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts.

It will also enable Polaris to expand its electrical interests into other platforms. But we don’t know enough yet about its impact on cbd oil cardiovascular USA .

Does it mean the end of the Brammo Empulse and Enertia models?

Source: Engadget