New Patent Will Let Boeing’s Drones Stay High For Forever

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Boeing has patented a system for recharging drones in the air, which could mean that the company might become the dominant drone technology.

The new patent describes a new system which involves self-flying battery-powered dirigibles or drones that can deploy a retractable tether. The tether will then connect to a power source as the craft hovers in the air until it’s fully charged and ready to fly off. These charging networks can range from land-based power supplies to ocean vessels, or even moving vehicles.

boeing-drone-recharge-600x400 boeing-drone-recharge-1-600x400 indexThe development could be highly significant, enabling drones to be used for long-distance work such as cargo deliveries or climate monitoring. It’s unclear that how Boeing is going to make this system a reality, but this new technology could help Boeing in many of their collaborations with Facebook or Google for drone projects. To read details about the patent, click here.

This video describes details about Boeing’s new breakthrough idea:

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