Mercedes-Benz Will Introduce GLC Coupe Concept In Shanghai This Month

It seems young people prefer BMW while older people prefer Mercedes. And Mercedes doesn’t like this prejudice. The company has been putting more effort in bringing up new models that are targeted to young people, including the AMG GT3 and the G500 4×4 squared. And at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show — happening by the end of this month — another Mercedes’s crossover coupe concept will be debuted, set to be a direct competitor with the BMW X6.

Even now, all that we know is that the new concept is called GLC Coupe, a sketched design of it, and a statement that it’s “near-production-standard” — which is to say that Mercedes already has plan for its production as well.

The GLC Coupe will likely be taking the place of the GLK, inheriting the design of the GLE Coupe with sensual lines, muscular shapes and large wheel arches.

It’s hard to define what is the difference between the GLE Coupe and the upcoming GLC Coupe based on the single sketch. When it was introduced earlier this year, Mercedes explained the GLE Coupe as a cross between an SUV and a coupe. It may look cool, but compromises are made to accommodate its sleek styling.

What about the GLC Coupe? The answer will be in Shanghai.

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