Meet The World’s Fastest Changing Sunglasses With E-Tint On Demand–It’s Also Bulletproof

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I don’t like California’s weather recently. It has been overcast in the morning but then so bright around lunch time, so that I have to always carry two pairs of sunglasses — one is more tinted than the other.

But I just solved my problem with this smart eyewear, the CTRL sunglasses. Using the fastest responding and most energy-efficient technology available, it offers instantaneous adapting tint within the blink of an eye. All you have to do is simply touch a button on this eyewear. How easy!

CTRL Eyewear is a new company in the smart wearable industry, dedicating to change the landscape of the industry by designing, developing and marketing the world’s most innovative sunglasses. The company was established in 2015 in Netherlands by AlphaMicron Inc, an Ohio-based company with vast experience in military lens technology.

For $165, you can have an ultimate eyewear with:

  • Automatic and Manual Control
  • Superior anti-fog coating
  • Fail-safe mechanism
  • Additional UV protection
  • Micro USB rechargeable lithium battery
  • Easy no-tool installation.
  • Adjustable nose pad and bendable temples
  • Adjusting tint within 0.1 seconds
  • Bulletproof/Ballistic Lenses in line with ANSI Z87.1 impact resistance requirements


Shipping expected to be in November, 2015. Click here to place your order.

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