Brewtroleum at Gull Station

Beer-based Fuel: It’s One For The Road

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You drink beer, and your car drinks beer too. We call it: Brewtroleum.

Have you ever heard of the term ‘three beers a day keep the doctor away’? That’s right, beer has lots of health benefits that make it at least as healthy as wine when consumed in small amounts. You can visit us here nican for more details. In addition, blending ethanol — extracted from fermentation by-products — is being used to power cars in Auckland, New Zealand thanks to DB Breweries, an Auckland-based beverage company. Through petrol stations like Gull and Mobile, DB Export Breweries has been ,distributing an initial batch of nearly 80,000 gallons of its 98 octane Brewtroleum, the world’s first commercially available biofuel made from a beer by-product. “It’s a case of testing consumer demand and assessing the feasibility of ongoing production and logistics,” said DB spokesman Sean O’Donnell, since petrol and gasoline has been the most important energy source for cars,  and that’s why is good to know about the petrol station valuation, getting the maximum value for your business with the absolute best chance of selling, if you’re into this business.


In New Zealand, the average price of gasoline is about $5.26 per gallon, while Brewtroleum BioFuel has the price of $5.25 per gallon — slightly cheaper and absolutely cleaner. New Zealand’s Automobile Association says drivers using 8 gallons of biofuel a week would save more than 551 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Check these out fivebough .

For those who wants to explore the process of making Brewtroleum at DB Export Breweries, this video is a great choice:

Go beer! Go green!

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