McLaren Unveiled Its P1 GTR  For The Race Track At Geneva 2015

McLaren just made the debut of its P1 GTR race-track version at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Although this unveil is merely a formality–the chance that you will actually see one on the road is incredibly rare–it’s still exciting McLaren fans to be able to look closer at this supercar.

Before its debut was held, the McLaren P1 GTR had completed an extensive and intense testing schedule across the world following the unveiling of the design concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance last summer. The tune-up version was enhanced from the original design in order to optimize aerodynamic performance and cooling.

Featuring a protruding front splitter — a wing placed on the front of the car to redirect airflow and improve downforce — the P1 GTR sits 1.96 inches lower to the ground and is 3.1 inches wider than the original P1. Since it gets trimming off unnecessary weight, the McLaren P1 GTR also gets a power boost with total power up 83 bhp to 986 bhp (or 1,000 hp). The car retains its original 3.8-litre V8 engine and the hybrid system that augments the twin-turbocharged setup. These facts are aimed for helping the acceleration and handling statistic–of which both will likely be astronomical.

Running across the lower bodywork is an aerodynamic blade, which acts to clean the flow of air along the car’s flanks. Clean air isn’t turbulent, so it offers optimum aerodynamic conditions that allows the car to go faster. Chemically toughened glass panels in the roof have been replaced with carbon fiber panels, creating an enclosed cockpit for the racer. A fixed-height wing dominates the back of the track model, which sits above the rear bodywork and acts in conjunction with the front-mounted aerodynamic flaps positioned ahead of the front wheels.

How many McLaren P1 GTR race-track version cars will be built? I’m sure the number will be less than three digits. So, it will be expensive–and exclusive.













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