Make Saving to Travel So Much Easier [Update] Q&A!

Traveling in payments helps you circle the date on the calendar and make sure you get there.


Occasionally we get really involved in our day to day lives that the longing idea of travel becomes a mere daydream. Sometimes the hardest part of traveling is saving up. Other things come up and you forget, or you don’t consider it a priority because you haven’t made any commitments. Well Triptive aims to fix that.

Triptive is an app that allows you to book a trip up to a year in advance and make payments on it. You can even let it debit the amount automatically every month. Triptive organizes your hotel and flight, and has relationships with the hotels and airlines to offer great deals. You can add people to the trip so that they participate in the payments as well.

Triptive is the app you always wanted in your late twenties– early thirties. When the swirl of plans your friends and you made torpedoed down the drain because your lives got more and more developed. This clever concept keeps you set on those plans and makes your execution definite. The dreamy UI only makes it that much easier, allowing you to easily set up your plans and watch the progress as you build towards your departure.

The coolest part is that the whole experience has been documented. The start-up filmed the entire process and the film will be released as a documentary in December.

The start up is almost there. They are set to launch in June and are still raising funds currently via Kickstarter! You can join the excitement here

I had a chance to ask Alex Newman, CEO of Triptive some questions and he was kind enough to give me some more information.

1. Is Tripvite only on iOS? If so, are there plans to expand to Android or a booking website?

At launch will be web and iOS app. If we hit our Kickstarter stretch goal, which is 40k, we should be able to include the android app by launch which is this summer.

2. Congratulations on such a wonderful idea! How long have you been building to this and what birthed the idea?

Thank you! We have been working on Triptive for about 1 year now. The idea all started about 2 years ago when I was wanting to plan a trip for myself and some friends. I recently moved from Anaheim, Ca and having just embarked in a new and time consuming career, I found myself revisiting friends and family back home to be more and more unrealistic. Every call home ended with the same old conversation, “…we should get together soon. Maybe all go on a trip and get away for awhile…” These plans never materialized and I began to wonder how I could simplify the process of getting his friends and family together in one place to catch up, spend quality time together, while building life-long memories through meaningful shared experiences.

3. Will there be any interest, taxes or service fees?

There will not be any interest charged. There will only be a $30 booking fee for first payment. The way we make a profit is our relationships with our partner hotels.

4. Which hotels and airlines are you partnered with currently and how soon can we expect to see more?

Being an accredited travel agency we have relationships with all airlines. We currently have access to over 100 hotels and destinations. However, at launch we are going to offer a fraction of them to some of the most desirable destinations. Our goal is to expand our footprint quickly. There is quite a bit that goes in to this. In order to do so quickly, our stretch goal on kickstarter is $75k.

5. When is the official launch date? 

Our goal is June 2015 but this is also dependant on reaching our goal on kickstarter.

6. And finally, Why should we invest in this idea? How can we urge people to participate now?

Traveling has always been a complicated task. From spending a large amount upfront to trying to find the right hotel. God forbid your inviting people to come along. Triptive simplifies this whole process. We hand pick to hotels to ensure our users have a great experience. We choose destinations based on our users requests. We make it easy to invite friends and even easier for them to join your trip. Having all of these benefits all broken down in to monthly payments is revolutionary. Our goal is to make traveling a recurring part of everyone’s life. Our movement is to “unlock the world of travel.”

Please support the kickstarter here. If you’re as excited about Triptive as I am, you’ll be booking your vacation come this summer.

Triptive is a great way to get more people started on making those travel plans you’ve been wanting to do and actually commit to them.