Lyft Is Ditching The Classic Furry Pink Mustache

In a snub to the mustache-hood, the ride-sharing service Lyft is trashing the signature pink lip warmers from the grills of its vehicles in favor of more conservative insignia.

Lyft’s trademark mustaches are being replaced by miniature interior ones, small “glowstaches” mounted on the inside of Lyft vehicles, Wired reports. Lyft competes with Uber and has raised $300 million in funding. The whimsical pink mustaches became a common sight on cars on the streets of San Francisco beginning in 2012, when the company was founded, and have been a trademark of Lyft’s brand since. The banana-sized shining mustache will reportedly emit a gentle pink glow while “floating” on a driver’s dashboard, a feat apparently achieved with the help of some carefully placed magnets.

Does this affect your day to day experience with Lyft? Probably not. However, it reflects the company’s desires to both mature its image and cater to passengers who want more than a fun, cheap way to get from A to B. It’s now offering carpooling services and other “grown up” features — axing the happy-go-lucky decoration may prevent customers from choosing Uber simply to look a little more distinguished.

Source: Wired