We Lived In The Future This Week Thanks To Wonder

Wednesday night 200 people gathered at Hackney House for The House Of Wonder, an event put on by the company that delivers tomorrow’s technology to your door today: Wonder.

Here are a few of the things we played with:

Holograms – Kino-mo.com, SentIntoSpace.com, Pepper Robot, Sanbot S1 sanbot.com, Bonaverde.com, Microsoft HoloLens, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, SimuTouch http://www.genericrobotics.com, Thync.com, DJI Phantom 4 + FPV goggles, Microdrone.co.uk, 360fly.com, Google Home and Amazon Echo, Marty robot, Robotical.io, and a vintage Google Glass.

VR expert Catherine Allen playing with Telepresence robot Double

The rate of technological change is happening so fast even the most hard-core nerds are finding it hard to keep up-to-date with the latest tech innovation.

Wonder’s platform tracks the most cutting edge technology and provides rentable experiences, not just for nerds, but for anyone who is wondering what the latest tech holds for the human experience.

To book a product you just go to the site, look through a list of products and book the dates that you want it for. Then you chose an hourly slot and the product will be delivered in a snazzy flight case. Wonder will than also come pick it up at the end of the rental term.

Catherine Allen talks to Double

Founder Alex Berezovskiy has always been fascinated by new tech and in the past he worked in product studio where the goal was to never stop learning. The idea behind Wonder was born when it was getting difficult keeping up with new products.

“At some point it just got expensive. We also realized our friends would often come and ask if we had a spare something. That was the moment it hit us that we could just rent it out, ” added Alex.

Go-to-market specialist Anastasia Emmanuel demos self roasting machine Bonaverde, the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine

Currently available in Wonder’s inventory is the Microsoft HoloLens, Nintendo Switch, DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Playstation VR, which are all relatively cheap to rent, starting at $10 per day.

All products rented through Wonder are insured for accidental damages, so if you accidentally spill something on the product that you’ve rented, Wonder will take care of it. Wonder also offers some additional insurance but the basic rule is just to treat the rented product as your own. The platform is also a community where owners of technology can share their technology equipment and experiences by renting on the platform.

Revelers play with Sanbot

About Wonder:

Founded in London in 2017, Wonder is a platform connecting people with the newest and most extreme technology experiences. The platform is also a community where owners of technology can share their experiences by renting on the platform. Currently, Wonder delivers within 25 miles of London but it will launch in Amsterdam and San Francisco this summer.

About Alex Berezovskiy:

Alex Berezovskiy is a serial entrepreneur originally from Siberia. Prior to Wonder he co-founded London based digital innovation partner, Leto. Leto helped brands such as Unilever, Admiral, Barclays and The National Lottery to insource innovation.