LA Gets The 5G Treatment With Verizon’s Wider 2019 Rollout

In an interview with CNBC, Verizon’s CEO, Lowell McAdam was asked about the prospects behind a worldwide 5G rollout. He plainly responded ‘I think we’re a lot closer than people think’, with a potential date of 2019/20. Consumers are excited at the prospect all the same, with the earlier the release comes being the better.

In comparison to its predecessor, 4G, 5G technology is capable of networking at over three times the speed. Making it a must have for anyone looking for the best and most effective connection. But according to recent news, cities such as LA will be lucky enough to get access to the network this year.

LA Gets the 5G treatment in Verizon’s rapid wireless project

Los Angeles has been slated as the second of four cities receiving early access to the rapid wireless network. “We bought 36 million miles of fiber [Optics] so we can have big pipes feeding the cells. We will have hundreds of megahertz of bandwidth to deliver the whole suite of services of 5G.”

California is fast becoming a hub for smart city technology, with 5G as an integral component of integrating people with the city they live in. With companies bringing together smart networking for traffic flow to collecting individual information from users.

McAdam has also hinted at the potential roll-out of home networking, allowing households access to fixed, high-speed wireless.