Kawaii to the Max: Hello Kitty Bullet Train Is Coming to Japan This June

Exciting news for all you Hello Kitty fans out there. Get ready for some cuteness overload. So Kawaii.

A Hello Kitty bullet train is in the works and coming sooner than you might think.

The special edition train will invite passengers in the playful world of Hello Kitty through exclusive design features on its first and second carriages.

The first car of the train is called “Hello! Plaza.” That’s where people can mingle, because it is Hello Kitty’s dream to bring together communities, as she says on the railway company’s “pink shinkansen” website. Car two is called—you guessed it—Kawaii! Room. That’s where people can sit in separate seats while enjoying pink armrests, adorableness, and high-speed travel.

How cute is this? When the train approaches a station, the usual jingle you’d hear will be replaced with a Hello Kitty theme song.

The collaboration between Sanrio and the Western Japan Railway Company is meant to promote local attractions and sell specialty goods.

Mark your calendars because the train is set to make its debut on June 30 between Osaka and Hakata for a limited amount of time.

Purrfecto! So pink, so cute. I gotta admit that I am pretty excited about this.

Source: QZ