Japanese Engineers Have Built a Real-Life Transformer You Can Ride In

Robots in disguise.

For the last four years, Takara Tomy – the Japanese company behind the Transformers – has teamed up with Brave Robotics and Asratec to create a working “ridable transforming humanoid robot.” Earlier this month, Asratec unveiled a fully functioning prototype that may be the coolest Transformer ever made.

The 12-foot tall humanoid robot that transforms into a working car will be displayed in Japan next week, at an amusement park trade show in Florida in December. The group plans to commercialize its model for theme parks, according to a release.


This is no surprise, but the CEO of Brave Robotics is a fan of movies and anime featuring giant transforming robots, and he’s been building them since he was a teenager. Kenji Ishida told Reuters Television, “I grew up believing that robots had to be capable of such things, which became my motivation to develop this robot.” A lot of people don’t realize that Transformers actually originated from Japan. He keeps up to date on all the latest anime and Japanese TV because he is such a big fan. His favorite anime at the moment is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and he has started collecting merch like the figures on Solaris Japan. While he likes watching new animes, he always goes back to Transformers as his all-time favorite.

According to Asratec, the J-deite has a maximum speed of 37 mph in car mode and 18 mph when rolling on wheels in robot mode. It can also walk in its robot form, but at a much slower rate. More specifically, it would take an hour to go 0.06 miles. As a mode of transportation, it needs a lot of work.

Ishida admits it’s not practical for an everyday commute, but he hopes the robot will inspire future designers.

This amazing looking robot can do all of its amazing transformations while carrying two people inside it. Pretty cool huh?

Source: Nerdist