It’s Where’s Waldo Week On Google Maps

Where’s Waldo?

April Fool’s Day may be over, but Google Maps wants you to find Waldo this week. Waldo is a no-brainer after Pac-Man showed up on Google Maps for April Fool’s Day 2015, Ms. Pac-Man showed up in 2017, and Mario drove his go-kart around Maps this year on March 10, otherwise known as Mar10 Day.


On Android, iOS, and the desktop, you’ll see Waldo pop up in his signature red and white stripes and give you a friendly wave. From there, just tap or click him and hit play to get going on a globe-trotting adventure.

Waldo isn’t alone on Google Maps. His friends Wenda, the dog Woof and Wizard Whitebeard are along for the ride. The dastardly villain Odlaw is hiding out, too. Personally, I don’t remember what the other characters look like.

Once you find Waldo, you’ll be “transported to places all around the world” to start the search again. There’s even a Google Assistant component to this campaign; you can ask “where’s Waldo?” on a Home speaker, Chromebook, or Android smartphone. Sounds pretty fun to me!

If you want to find Waldo, you better hurry. The game will only be available for one week.

Source: Forbes