It Took 3 Years To Design This Electric Bicycle

We design because we care.

I want to travel and see everything. I want to walk down narrow pebble streets in Italy and go to the small markets where they sing for a price and make bracelets. I will bike from Rome to Venice, to Florence and Turin on this bicycle. Because it, just like any Italian girls, is so beautiful!


Emo Design has been working for about 3 years to bring you this eB1 bike. It’s a project born out of desire of Elio Marioni — Askoll’s owner — since they have chosen to team up with Emo Design to work on this bike concept.

“This e-bike is the result of re-thinking the concept of urban mobility, it proposes easy to use vehicle with agility during city transfers. It’s equipped with extractable batteries which can be recharged in any electrical plug,” mentioned by Tuvie Website.

Characterized by a design style, the eB1 is a democratic product, easy to use and designed for the urban context. Designed starting from the battery, this electric bike is the result of a careful study of the details, in which Emo Design has focused its research to offer the best user experience. Most of the components have been custom designed, the handlebars features an integrated interface that allows you to check your trip information. The inverted lever brakes are designed to hide the stopping system cables, at the same time, it also provides aesthetical pureness. There’s an automatic transmission mounted into the wheel hub, the security system is integrated into the seatpost.



The eB1 is a collaboration between a great company and a young Italian design studio, which together have decided to build a project that looks to the future. Made in Italy, the bike carries on itself the true value of this iconic phrase, which has been entrusted to us for decades.


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