Introducing The OnAir Box- Your Personal Music Cloud


Based in San Francisco, OnAir Player Inc., creates software and hardware products with music lovers in mind. They believe technology should be simple, awesome and affordable. Their journey started almost 3 years ago when they started to develop the OnAir Player apps, and are excited to reach a critical milestone with this introduction of OnAir Box.

Anyone that would like to create their own personal music cloud and would like to enjoyed a multi-Room audio video streaming system, may be interested in a new piece of hardware created by Team OnAir called the OnAir Box.

This San Francisco based startup, is set to introduce a revolutionary new hardware device, OnAir Box, to turn existing stereos and TVs into connected devices for a true multi-room experience. Simplicity and a great user experience, coupled with flawless design, make OnAir Box “Apple simple”.

Priced at only $49, it allows you to stream your music to existing speakers or TVs. Listen to all your music in every room while controlling it from your tablet or phone! You can also connect an external hard drive and turn it into your private music server at home. Imagine accessing all your music anywhere from any device without ever uploading or copying it. It would be wonderful to be able to access your music wherever you want it. Many people find that having an external hard drive opens them up to new possibilities, however, an external hard drive can become corrupted, damaged or crash, which would leave to you having to get in touch with a company similar to Secured Data Recovery who might be able to support you with an external hard drive repair service that may be recover your files.

“Consolidating music across your devices is a pain that gets worse with every gadget that we add to our lives. But the problem does not stop there; I believe that at home we actually want to stream our music to hi-fi devices like a stereo or a TV while controlling it from a phone or tablet, without the need to worry about which device the music is stored on or how to connect the devices” says Daniel Vocke, CEO of OnAir Player, Inc.

OnAir Player and the newly introduced OnAir Box deliver exactly that. A simple and inexpensive way to Wi-Fi enable existing music equipment and a private music cloud that works without ever uploading or copying your music.


So if you think OnAir Box music cloud is something you could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help OnAir Box music cloud become a reality via the link below.

Kickstarter campaign:

Product Highlights:

  • Wi-Fi enable your stereo.
  • Multi-Room Music.
  • Private Music Cloud (access all your music anywhere, even from a browser at work).
  • analog and optical audio out for the best music quality.
  • stream to TVs via HDMI.
  • Inexpensive: $35 – $49, free shipping in the US