Husqvarna, The Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts

It reminds me the Tron movies.

I’ve been following Kiska’s designs for a long time, and every single design of theirs has always included the elusive cool factor. The Husqvarna Motorcycle Concepts aren’t exceptions.

The two concepts gain their inspiration from the Silverpilen Motorcykel 1950s designs. Both bikes rid themselves of any fancy doodads, sporting a simple and sleek design that’s both cutting edge and modern. “Great design is not skin deep. The design language communicates the brand promise. Some of the world’s most recognizable products follow this mantra. It’s where KISKA shows its true colors. Our designers are gifted in ensuring each product presents its given brand values.”

The Husqvarna Concepts are anything antiquated, though. They’re sporting upside-down wireframe forks, lightweight trellis frames, and 17-inch wheels with modern rubber. “The 401s are not recollections of the past. They’re about purity, simplicity of form, and the economy of line. Those are the fundamentals of the Husqvarna design language. It doesn’t matter if it was 60 years ago or now, the same mentality remains,” said Kiska’s senior designer Bjorn Shuster.

The 401 Svart Pilen is very much a road bike with the muffler mounted high, out of the way of rocks and debris. The headlamp has an integrated cage that fully encloses the bowl: it’s the old headlamp grill reinterpreted in a modern way. The solo seat has a grippy texture and makes room for a small utility rack at the back. The riding position is upright, with wide bars and grippy pegs. A skid plate protects the crankcase, and the tires are aggressive but street-legal knobbles.

With 401 Vit Pilen, it aims to show how simple and pure a road bike can be. The rear seats give maximum clearance in the corners, and clip-ons are mounted to stout triple clamps. “It’s what a stripped down street bike should look like: reduced to the minimum and lightweight. The stance and proportions let you know what it’s waiting to do.”

Not all concepts get us excited, but these are what we’d definitely like to see hit the road. Share your comments with us.