Huawei’s P20 – Snapping Pictures Through the Dark Clearly

Smartphones have come a long way since they first entered the marketplace, with more features added with every iteration. But with Huawei’s latest addition to their line, it puts the pressure on competitors to up their game. Any users of the iPhone series will know the struggles associated with taking pictures.

From getting it to focus on the target, making sure the flash doesn’t blind your participants. But darkness has always been the mortal enemy of photography, but with Huawei’s P20, those days are over.

P20 – Perfect photos in imperfect light

Canalys’ spokesman, Ben Stanton stated that the Asia-based company has had to pull out stops to compete with more established rivals. “Huawei doesn’t have the brand Samsung or Apple have. So it’s almost had to go the extra mile in terms of the product.”

From cost alone, it stands head and shoulders above rivals; costing the average user £788 ($1,115/€899). This price is in stark contrast to other, more established opponents like the Galaxy S9 (€949) and the iPhone X (€1,149).

But how can it take shots in the dark? Well, that’s thanks to the revolutionary ‘Light Fusion’ technology it uses. What this means is that the P20 is able to capture data from same colour pixels, absorbing light and giving better photos. Peter Guaden, the companies marketing director, describes it as buckets gathering rainwater.

“It would take a longer time to get an inch-worth of rain in the bottom of each. Than if you had 10 buckets four times the size.”

Using AI and Light Fusion, the P20 offers improved long-exposure shots; allowing users to take photos in complete darkness!