Harley Davidson

How to Choose Your First Harley Davidson: The Complete Method

Buying a motorcycle for the first time is an exciting and gratifying experience. Purchasing a motorcycle is, in some ways, a rite of passage. It demonstrates that you have taken the first steps toward freedom on the open road. Most riders expect that their motorcycle will last a long time; therefore, selecting the right one is critical.

Purchasing a Motorcycle: Where to Begin

All first-time motorcyclists must understand that just as motorcycles and cars are not the same things in design and road rules, the same applies in the motorcycle realm. No two motorcycles are alike. Investing in the wrong motorcycle from American Motorcycle Trading Company can often be a letdown and for the first time rider.

Choosing the correct motorcycle entails several stages, the first of which is taking a motorcycle safety class.

A motorcycle safety class teaches new riders about the many types of motorcycles and helps riders feel confident in their decisions. Many new riders will discover that the instruction course they choose is frequently based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). The MSF is a non-profit organization that receives funding from various motorcycle manufacturers. It certifies its coaches and offers certification programs, and the curriculum is used by numerous independent and state-sponsored schools.

Taking a motorcycle safety course is also a better investment than buying a motorcycle on the spur of the moment. After completing the safety course, riders will make a more educated decision regarding which motorcycle to purchase. It is crucial to realize that spending several thousand dollars or more on a motorcycle to discover that riding it is not as enjoyable as planned is not a small investment.

The next step in purchasing a motorcycle is to research the type of motorcycle you desire. It is vital to establish which manufacturers and models meet your criteria. As previously stated, few things are more infuriating than seeing a motorcycle that looks amazing and purchasing it only to discover that it is not a suitable fit.

The third stage in buying a motorcycle is to keep things simple. When purchasing a motorcycle for the first time, it is recommended to go for used, inexpensive, and dependable. A first-time motorcycle is for more than simply riding; it is also for learning how to repair and maintain.

Aside from pulling the trigger and purchasing a motorcycle, determining the motorcycle size is one of the final steps in choosing the perfect one. Too often, riders have sat on a motorcycle only to discover that it does not fit their physique well. The motorcycle may be too high or too low. It may also be overly broad or fit exactly as needed but does not balance properly. It is critical to have a motorcycle that feels comfortable to have the best experience possible, and many riders find that lacking these vital components can be distressing.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle for You

One of the best ways to find the proper motorcycle for the rider’s height is to go to a motorcycle dealer and try out numerous styles. This gives the rider a sense of the weight distribution from side to side and the overall feel of the motorcycle.

A motorcycle that does not fit properly can be hazardous to both the rider and others on the road. It is critical never to buy a motorcycle that does not allow the rider to sit with both feet on the ground. Riding when you can’t reach all the controls is another serious sign that the motorcycle isn’t correctly fitted.

Styles of Motorcycles

Motorcycles come in a variety of styles. The following information about each type will help you decide which design will work best for your specific needs.


A chopper is another term for a cruiser. Just as the name suggests, this motorcycle style was meant for cruising both long and short distances. The seat height of a cruiser motorcycle is low. Because it is comfy and easy to handle, this model is prevalent among beginner riders. Many well-known names like Harley Davidson and Honda are associated with cruisers.

Sport Motorcycle

A sport motorcycle is known for its speed and agility, as well as its forward-leaning ergonomics. The weight of a sport-designed motorcycle is the most noticeable difference. They are a very light vehicle composed of aluminum and other lightweight materials to improve side-to-side movement. They have a taller seat to allow riders to lean the motorcycle without scraping the footpegs.

Touring Motorcycle

The touring motorcycle is larger than most other types of motorcycles. It is designed to have the comforts needed for cross-country travel. They offer a lot of storage space and are quite easy to manage, allowing riders to ride for many hours at a time. A touring motorcycle also features a large engine, which helps it maintain highway speeds while hauling a large quantity of extra gear.

Sport Touring

Sport touring motorcycles combine the best elements of both sports and touring motorcycles. They provide additional space and more comfortable riding postures, making them perfect for long-distance travel without the weight of a standard touring motorcycle.

When the Time Finally Arrives

When the time arrives to purchase a motorcycle, the following tips will help to ensure the right decision is made:

  •         Bring a friend
  •         Inspect the motorcycle thoroughly
  •         Check the VIN
  •         If purchasing from a private party, verify the motorcycle is not stolen
  •         Beware of “AS IS” disclosures

So Which Motorcycle is the Best for You?

A motorcycle’s requirements and desires are distinct from person to person. Every brand has something unique to offer. Going to sit on a few motorcycles is the greatest way to ensure you get the perfect one. To ensure that you are content with your decision, consider your expectations and intended use of the motorcycle in the long run. After all, purchasing a motorcycle is an investment. When you find the right one, there will be no doubt. All it takes is a vision, a lot of hard work, and patience. You can get the motorcycle of your dreams with practice and professional advice.