QA Outsourcing

How QA Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

It often happens that the deadlines for the delivery of a software product are running out, but quality testing was not carried out for various reasons:

  • Keeping specialists on staff, if this is not the main profile of the company, is expensive.
  • It is not so easy to find free qualified testers on the market for a temporary and urgent project.

And then, project managers have a choice:

  • Hand over a project that may have a considerable number of bugs but with the hope that they are not there
  • Ask to postpone the deadlines for the project and to look for specialists in an urgent mode.

In fact, this and many similar situations are not hopeless because, for highly qualified automatic and manual testing of your software product, you can contact the test automation company.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing QA?

If to sum up all the benefits of outsourcing QA, which will be discussed below, in one capacious metaphor, it is possible to give the following illustration:

  • Imagine a person who sometimes repairs a car and a repair shop that does it daily and is responsible for its work to customers. Who would you rather trust to restore your car?

Teamwork of Professionals

This is where one of the most important advantages of QA outsourcing lies: professionalism and teamwork. Hundreds or thousands of tested projects are already behind, which means that the breadth of view, the speed of work, and internal responsibility are much higher than those of specialists who are engaged in testing from time to time. The rest of the time they are doing nothing, which means they do not improve their professionalism.

Saving Money

If you decide to repair the car at home yourself, imagine how much equipment you will have to buy. The same is with software testing.

  • You need not only specialists to whom you must regularly pay salaries but also powerful equipment. Otherwise, the testing process itself will last for an indefinitely long time.
  • In addition, you require the tests themselves, which are quite expensive to develop.

Therefore, you will save not just a little but much time or even dozens of time if you outsource the testing of your project.

Confidence in Methods

  • QA outsourcing teams compete for clients, which means they always follow the latest developments in testing methodology and actively implement them into work.
  • By trying many testing methods, they know exactly what is right for your project.
  • They know the features of testing at each stage of the software development life cycle and will be able to control the quality of the software product at each stage, preventing the accumulation of errors.

Objective Outlook

Unlike staff testers, the outsourcing QA team will be more objective in evaluating your project, which means they will be able to point out weaknesses that you may not notice. Staff testers may be less objective in their assessments for a number of reasons:

  • Working with a small number of projects, they have a narrow base for comparison.
  • They may use fewer testing methods in their work.
  • They simply may not want to disappoint you if the project is very essential to you.

By submitting your project for external testing to companies such as Zappletech, you get high-level expertise and guarantees of the quality work of your software product. If you want to maintain complete control over the testing process, experts are ready to work in your office throughout the entire course of the work. Alternatively, you can prefer the remote work of specialists or a mixed option. In either model of engagement, your project will receive the highest quality testing in the shortest possible time.