Honeywell Aerospace Encourages You Fly With Your Google Glass

Although it’s now common to see some of the airline passengers with Google Glass milling around the boarding gate, flight attendants and pilots have yet to don the at-times controversial eyewear.

Therefore, Honeywell Aerospace — the largest manufacturer of aircraft engines and avionics, as well as a producer of auxiliary power units and other aviation products — has a vision to give flight attendants onboard private jets a hands-free way to prepare the cabin and perform routine tasks such as checking the temperature or closing window shades by using Google Glass with the Ovation Select Cabin Management System application.

Much of our initial testing and development starts in business jets, as the platform allows for flexibility and quick execution,” says Justin Dye, Product Manager of Cabin Management at Honeywell Aerospace.

The app is not yet ready for commercial use, but using consumer devices to enhance the flight experience is something the company will continue to research. Although Honeywell Aerospace had intended to build apps specifically for pilots and mechanics on privates jets; however, the potential of applying this idea on commercial flights is very possible. “In many of the same ways that cabin staff are now using mobile devices, the Google Glass app could be used to identify passengers, list their preferences or needs, and remind users of airline protocols.

This video from Honeywell determines how the Google Glass app could be used onboard a private jet:

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