Have Some Fun Skating Around Your Golf Course With This New “Vehicle”

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“Golf isn’t just my business. It’s my hobby.” — Lee Trevino

Sometimes, the most fun part of being at a golf course is not about making good swing, but about getting to skate around with this new revolutionary golf cart.

3ways-ClassicCarryA motorized skateboard for the golf course, it lets you travel from hole to hole while carving on the grass. It comes with a stability bar with a handle on top and a rack at the base, providing better balance for novice riders and a convenient place to mount your bag of clubs. This new toy gives golfers a healthier alternative compared to the sedentary sitting in the cart, all while reducing wear on the turf. It aso come with a cover that you can take a look at ace golf cart covers online shop. Most people are getting it in fear of a rain storm. Customizing your golf accessories can range from the practical to the outrageous. So find those golf accessories that will help your game. Besides the essential equipment of playing the game of golf, there are plenty of MGI GOLF accessories that help make it more fun and maybe even improve your score too. Find a variety of golf accessories, gifts, and games. Manufactures and exports specialty golf tees, putters with built-in slope detectors, and other golf accessories.

The GolfBoard boasts a four wheel drive by way of two 36V DC motors, with gears driving the wheels, in favor of chains and belts that are more susceptible to failure. Those wheels are wrapped in 4-inch tires designed to run efficiently on turf and minimize its impact on the grass. Driving is done using either a handheld controller or a thumb-throttle on the stability bar. Did I mention it has a top speed of 14 MPH?

If you’re in interested in this new toy, come and shop at GolfBoard. The price tag is $6,500, but your fun moments with this new toy, and your health are invaluable, right?

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