Google Launches Car Insurance Comparison Site

screen-shot-2015-03-05-at-1-04-34-pmThe search giant launches a service that enables users to compare auto insurance quotes — just like they would flights and hotels.

Confirming earlier reports that Google has been plotting a move to help sell consumers auto insurance in the U.S., the search giant announced on Thursday it’s launching a new feature called “Google Compare for Auto Insurance,” a comparison-shopping site that lets you compare the rates from different insurance providers. Currently, it is possible to find car insurance quotes direct from insurance providers websites or from on comparison sites, where it is possible to see a number of different quotes. Get your free motor trade insurance quote today, traders policy holder must to be over 25 and then younger drivers can be added. But now, Google is throwing its hat into the mix. Great sites that perform this service and can help you find the most affordable prices that already exist and are in regular use currently of course. However, now the option to compare rates will begin popping up after a consumer does a Google search for “car insurance” using Google’s search engine. With a simple search like that, google will show around all the insurances you can have for your car, that could be sp20 car insurance, car insurance sp10, conprehensive coverage, collisions and more. Initially, the service is being made available to California residents, but Google says other states will soon follow later this year. A lot of people will find this incredibly useful as they try to find cheaper auto insurance quotes. All they have to do is simply type into google something like auto insurance quote here and they’ll find the right one for them. Google is just helping to make the process run a lot smoother, which is something that a lot of people will appreciate. Rental loans are great for anyone looking to capitalize on the rental market, which is showing rapid growth. some benefits of rental loans are fast and flexible, quicker closings, and can be customize to fit your needs.

If you’re looking for a way of getting specialised modified car insurance, you may wish to visit a site like Call Wiser. But for UK readers, we highly recommend Money Expert as a more robust and user friendly interface solution for multi car insurance quotes online which is also the best way to finance motor trade cover.

The move demonstrates Google’s desire to turn its search engine into more than just a list of links. It wants to be a hub for more nuanced answers too. Last month, Google announced it would display specific health-related information in search results

Google’s search engine also lets you compare flight and hotel booking rates. The auto insurance tool is just Google’s latest addition to this group of products, which compete with other sites like Kayak and Expedia. Check the Static Caravan Insurance Quotes – here and get to know more about these great options.


The auto insurance product could potentially deliver added revenue for Google. To use it, people enter their ZIP code and make and model of their car and it would automatically detect if it’s a high risk insurance in a matter of seconds. The more Google knows about its users, the more prized its advertisements could become to marketers. To power the product, Google has partnered with a few outside companies, including CoverHound, a startup that specializes in insurance comparison.

“Whether you’re a national insurance provider or one local to California, people searching for auto insurance on their phone or computer can find you along with an apples-to-apples comparison of other providers – all in as little as 5 minutes,” Google says in its news blog.

After comparing quotes, users can talk with agents to complete their purchases. At launch, insurance partners include Metlife, Mercury and 21st Century. Google said it plans to also include ratings, reviews and information for local-agent support. Despite these developments, many of you still wonder whether to call your insurance company after an accident. Contact a legal firm to find out why it is so important to make sure you do, and make the most of your cover.

Source: CNET