Give Yourself a Roadmap For Your Holiday and Business Travel

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, getting all the dominoes into line for travel can be an exercise of logistics. Corporate travel becomes much easier when you utilize online booking tool adoption. Every part needs to be thought out if you’re travelling for business to get to meetings and meet deadlines. For those on holiday, this need for a cohesive plan can be something that falls by the wayside. But this always depends on the person going on holiday, with holes in the plan ranging from happy accident to stressful.

It’s why companies like Roadmap being around can be a godsend for those looking to stitch all their plans together. Dubbing itself the ‘Switzerland of travel’, the company seeks to stitch together all the major aspects of travel. Meaning that users can piece together their flights, taxis, hotels and meetings on one handy platform.

‘The Switzerland of Travel’ – your Roadmap for successful travel

Far more than just an idea, the company has gained a great deal of momentum from its users. It’s recently moved from development stages to a highly successful Series-A of over €4 million to further develop the system.

Roadmap COO, Jeroen Van Velzen, expressed a great deal of positivity towards the successful round of funding. Stating that the areas of holiday and business travel remain an untapped market for disruption.

“The annual aggregated travel spend of the customers on the platform exceeds 3 billion USD and the adoption and engagement numbers of the app are twice the industry average.”

What sets the company apart from others is that they’ve actively pursued major established companies. Becoming engrossed in the world of Fortune 500 companies, according to Patrick Polack, Founder of Newion:

“The gap between consumer technology at hand – like, Skyscanner, Tripadvisor, Google Maps – and corporate travel technology available is gigantic and ready to be disrupted.

The team grabbed an opportunity to become the preferred partner for Fortune 500 companies and is acknowledged as a thought and product leader in travel experience technology. Newion is impressed with the top tier customer base and astounded by the positive customer’s reviews of Roadmap.”