Future Of Connected Car Event In Silicon Valley This Friday

We will be covering this connected car event in Sunnyvale Friday night.

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Below are some more details- see you there?

Please join SKTA Innopartners’ Accelerator as we host a connected cars event with industry experts, panelists, and investors at our Sunnyvale offices. Our moderator, Bruce Graham will start introductions of our panelists. Panelists will briefly speak about his or her company and perspectives. The event will end with the expert panel discussions.

High-level topics of discussion:

• What business models will create value in the connected cars market?

• What are some of the market and industry trends in the space?

• What are the drivers of growth? What are some of the challenges?

• When would be the impact of autonomous driving in the automotive industry? When will it reach market maturity?

• What do you see in the future of the connected cars market?

• What new technologies can we expect in this space?


• Quin Garcia, Managing Partner, Auto Tech Ventures

• Daniel Behrendt, Honda Silicon Valley Lead

• James Park, Director of Strategic Planning, Harman International

• Paul Asel, Managing Partner, Nokia Growth Partners

• Louay Eldada, CEO, Quanergy Systems

• Joshua Switkes, Founder and CEO, Peloton Technology

• Konstantin Othmer, CEO, Cloud Car

• Other panelist(s) from Tesla & General Motors in discussion


Bruce Graham, Angel Investor and Former Partner at Bessemer Ventures