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From Black Cabs To Sports Cars – Taxis At a Tap

As technology develops and people enter the centre of focus for urban development, smart cities will develop faster. But much like intellect in people, it takes time to foster, cultivate and apply it, making the conventional more practical. Typical questions and solutions like how someone on one side of a city gets to the other hand.

One solution is public transport, but the other, more exclusive way is getting a maxi taxi. And in early 2017, it was an area that was once dominated by Uber but has since opened up to new players. But for commuters, knowing who they are and how to get hold of them is a challenge in itself. Here at TechDrive, we’ve provided a list of these taxis and how to find them.

Black Cabs at a tap

More common than public transport, taxis make up one of the most common modes of transport in London. And with Uber facing earlier scrutiny from September 2017, there are a lot of alternatives to choose from including Melbourne’s leading silver service taxi which is on the top of the business.

Lyft –

Price per mile: Lyft – $0.90 / 52p, Lyft Plus – $1.50 / £1.11, Premier – $2.05 / £1.51

The moment that concerns arose over Uber being renewed in London, there were rumours that Lyft would take its place. In January 2018, it moved into its first European offices, with the intention of building on its successes in the US. Currently, it also seeks to use geographic mapping and improved software to urbanise its automated travel services.

Gett –

For those looking for the classic ‘Black cabs’ we equate with London, Gett is one of the providers. Anyone visiting the business-centred areas of London will frequently see their cabs parked outside banks and company buildings. But it’s far more than a business-facing company, it offers ridesharing much like Lyft and Uber.

Anyone looking for a more high-octane trip can also rent out a Porche for £20.

BlaBlaCar –

Unlike others, BlaBlaCar operates on a bidding/carpooling system. Which means that those looking for travel somewhere can search for the number of drivers and how much it costs. This system allows users to cut down on cost, while also being available for longer distances.

The whole system is secured under AXA insurance, protecting both the passenger/s and driver.