Ford Just Made A Smart Foldable Bicycle For You, And It’s Pretty Cool

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What makes a carmaker like Ford think of making a foldable bicycle? The company’s Smart Mobility Plan views of the increasingly urban future bicycle scooters in conjunction with trains, buses and cars, smartphone apps and smartwatches that find scarce parking spaces, and ride-sharing services that are more convenient than buses.

In Ford’s picture, they see car owners outside the big city driving to the outskirts and taking mass transit into the city. For those who don’t use subways or buses, the company believes a lightweight folding electric bicycle could solve the last-mile problem. Therefore, the company has debuted the third in its line of smart bike concepts called MoDe:Flex.

ford-modeflex-bikeThe new e-bike owns a significant design and can be folded up to fit inside a car for easier transportation. It comes with a mobile app that is designed to help riders plan their commutes by breaking them down into car sections and bike sections.

29EC68BF00000578-3137360-image-a-7_1435141905736The mode:Link smartphone app will let users plan their trip with parking information, traffic, road conditions, and weather updates. Ford says the app comes with an Apple Watch extension, and the bike features vibrating handlebars, which means there will be some sort of warning mode to alert riders of hazards like upcoming potholes or overtaking cars.

Right now, the bike and app remain prototypes in Ford’s Laboratory in Palo Alto, California.

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