Flying Cars By French Artist Sylvain Viau

French artist Sylvain Viau derived the idea behind his ongoing ‘flying cars’ series from a citroen, often nicknamed ‘flying carpet’ for its smooth handling and hydraulic suspension system.

The idea of a floating vehicle, one that hovers above the ground rather than planted on its wheels, became something viau experimented with photographically, using vehicles of varying model, color and year of production. By digitally altering photographs of several vintage cars, Viau experiments with the futuristic idea of hovercars as the scenic seascape of Cherbourg, France provides a bright and alluring backdrop to the realistic snapshots. The tires from each vehicle have been cropped out and filled in with the contour of the car’s exterior body as a coinciding shadow underneath accentuates the realistic aesthetic. Juxtaposing older model vintage cars with the futuristic concept of the hovercar, Sylvain Viau’s “Flying Cars” series provides an alternative way to look at the future. Check out the images above.

Source: Hypebeast