First Tesla Model X Buyers Now Picking Colors, And More

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Well, if you want Tesla’s new SUV with every option possible, it looks like it’ll cost you.

Tesla sent out online configurators for its Model X Signature Series, a limited run first edition model with nearly option, to customers this week. Many customers began posting screenshots to the Tesla Motors Club forum early Tuesday.


The New Model X starts at $132,000 before tax credits, but the “Ludicrous Mode” speed upgrade — announced in July — will run an extra $10,000. The online tool lets customers choose their paint and interior colors, and select options. As for specs, the 90kWh battery pack will be good for 240 miles on a charge and a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds.

This debut is a big milestone for Tesla, which started operating about a decade ago selling an electric roadster. Using much of the same vehicle architecture as the Model S, the X is expected to boost Tesla’s volume and help it transition from niche car maker to a player with higher volumes.

The Model X has been a very long time coming, so those who put in an early pre-order will no doubt be very excited. If you want one and haven’t ordered, be prepared to wait: a tally on the Tesla Motors Club forum has nearly 20,000 U.S. pre-orders recorded.

Source: The Verge