Fighting Alcoholism: 5 Smartphone Apps Reviewed

You can often find an app that is very useful and relevant to your needs. When you are fighting alcoholism, it makes sense to take advantage of some helpful smartphone apps designed to keep you on track with the recovery process.

Getting the one-to-one support you need is also essential. Take a look at your journey to sobriety in Orange County and you can get some useful pointers on what you need.

It can also be very useful to track your progress and stay motivated using an app designed to help you fight alcoholism. Here are some reviews of the best apps.

Sober Grid can act as your personalized recovery coach

Sober Grid is a unique app that focuses its emphasis on the power of community in the recovery process.

It enables users to connect with others who are also on the path to sobriety, offering support, advice, and encouragement. The app uses geolocation to help users find sober friends nearby. This helps foster a genuine sense of community. 

Sober Grid also includes features like daily check-ins, a sobriety tracker, and a panic button for immediate support during challenging moments. 

Nomo is a customized sobriety tracker that acts as a motivational tool

Nomo stands out for its simplicity and customization. This app allows users to create a personalized sobriety clock, tracking your progress down to the second. 

The app also provides a variety of customizable motivational messages and milestones to celebrate. It is designed to contribute to a positive reinforcement system. 

Sober time is very helpful and easy to use

Sober Time is a user-friendly app that focuses on tracking sober days, hours, and minutes. It allows users to set goals, receive daily motivational messages, and access a supportive community forum. 

A key feature is the app’s clean design and straightforward features. This makes it an accessible tool for anyone looking for a simple yet effective way to stay accountable and motivated.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day is an that helps with meditation and reflection

This app gets its name from the famous recovery literature, Twenty-Four Hours a Day.  The app offers daily meditations and reflections to inspire and guide you on your journey to sobriety. 

It provides a daily thought and an accompanying reflection, designed to foster mindfulness and encourage users to focus on your recovery one day at a time.

I Am Sober is a comprehensive sobriety companion

I Am Sober is a well-rounded app. It  combines a variety of features to create a comprehensive sobriety companion. This includes a sobriety tracker, daily pledges, and a community forum where users can share their experiences. 

The app also offers a progress journal and milestone tracking, allowing you the opportunity to reflect on your journey. 

These apps have the potential to play a helpful role in the broader landscape of your addiction recovery. Be mindful that these apps are designed as a support tool in your recovery process, alongside professional recovery help.

These recovery apps are worth considering as part of your commitment to overcoming alcoholism.