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EO 2 Sideways Driving Car Perfect For City Life

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The Smart Fortwo has met its match for being the easiest car to park. Meet E O2, the concept from researchers at the German Research Center for Robotic Intelligence.

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No vehicle is better suited for life in the urban jungle, as E O2 can change its shape or size depending on the parking spot. If the space is too tight, the wheelbase can be shortened from its full length of 2.5 meters to a mere 1.5. To give its riders more comfort, E O2 adjusts to its full length when speed isn’t limited by crushing urban traffic.

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Its most impressive party trick is that the wheels ability to pivot a full 90 degrees, allowing it to be driven sideways. Because of this feature, turning around can literally be done in place. Take that Smart car.

If adopted en masse, E O2 drivers would be able to park bumper to bumper, since they are designed to connect when parking is limited.

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No future concept would be complete without autonomous capabilities, and the designers have outfitted E O2s with the ability to communicate with each other. To avoid other traffic, the standard array of cameras and sensors have been outfitted.

As someone who commutes into San Francisco, I know how awful urban traffic is in a densely packed metropolitan area. However, with technologies for stretchy automobiles such as this in the works, individualized transportation may receive a contortionist’s leg up.

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