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Electric Avenue? Try Electric Highway! National Grid Plans For Network For Electric Cars

In the UK, it’s been reported that the level of new registrations for cars has fallen by 15%. This fall has hit petrol and diesel based vehicles with all the softness of a hammer; hitting the latter with a 37% drop. Government legislation is geared towards favouring renewable alternatives to petrol vehicles, and it’s hard not to be enthusiastic about that.

If you’re the proud owner of an electric car, travel is about to get even better with recent news from National Grid. One of the limitations of these, however, is the limited battery life compared to its rivals. But National Grid is starting up on a nationwide network to make this a thing of the past!

Electric Highways – National Grid has Electrifying news

50 is the magic number for National Grid, especially as prime real estate for recharge points, electrifying motorways across the UK. These stations will make travel across the country far easier for electric car users. National Grid seeks to streamline access, but also the efficiency of these charge points, according to the project’s director.

According to Graeme Cooper, these points will be capable of supplying 350kw of power per charger. This voltage would allow, what was once an hour-long charge time to fall to only 12 minutes.

“It’s about future-proofing the network so it has the capacity to charge cars as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Hypothetically, the total electric output from 100 of these charge points would generate enough power for 14,000 homes. And with an anticipated cost of 60p per driver, or nearly £1bn. Prospects are looking even better for drivers making the switch to electric.