Al Maktoum

Dubai Unveils Plans For a ‘Super-Airport’

Go big, that’s the message being sent out with a consistency and regularity we’ve come to expect from Dubai. Being a veritable oasis of tourism, commerce and innovation, it plans to put these concepts into action again. This month, in particular, has seen the concept designs for what can only be described as a ‘super-Airport’.

The city-state has, for years, made headway as a forward thinker; from its mass-scale development projects. To pursuing with a profound zeal, the development and applications of new-age transportation like Hyperloop earlier this year. Dubai is positioning itself to allow tourism on an unheard-of scale.

Dubai ‘Super Airport’ – Al Maktoum International

According to the designers of this superstructure, when it’s finally completed, Al Maktoum will be able to house and transport 130 million passengers a year. Its mixture of modular design and compatibility with Dubai’s Smart City projects, Al Maktoum is capable of handling these large-scale logistics.

Alongside the enormous passenger volume, the underlying design is expected to allow Al Maktoum to host 200 wide-body aircraft. This airport isn’t content with being a logistical marvel, but a carbon neutral one too. According to its developers, Al Maktoum plans to:

  • Cut its water consumption by 70%
  • Produce 30% of its energy using Photovoltaic systems.
  • Zero Waste disposal to landfills.

Passengers will be able to take advantage of the fact that the airport will be easily integrated to Dubai’s transport links. Having direct access to several of its existing metro lines, which surround the airport. From its completion, passengers will have ready access to direct lines between Al Maktoum International to the heart of the city-state.

With Al Maktoum, Dubai is definitely going big with its aspirations for tourism and innovation.