pink mustache lady

Confessions of the Lyft Pink Mustache Lady

At first, we had the huge pink mustache that stood out way too much, and got in the way of being able to see well over the dashboard, but now they have smaller mustaches that are still distinctive for riders to find us.

Lyft is a very close community. Normally having certain hang outs and get together as opposed to Uber.

It is a greener concept because it helps the daily commuter get to where they need to without driving into the city traffic. Lyft also it has an even greener concept with what they call “Lyft line”, which allows the riders to share the same Lyft car if they are going in the same direction.

Riders know what to expect when they share Lyft vehicles with complete strangers.  Normally, the driver will greet the passengers with a “fist bump” which is a way to break the ice and awkwardness. Some other riders normally like to keep to themselves in the back seat.

During the weekends, passengers more relaxed and tend to bond more.   The riders that have been drinking tend to be chattier and it’s safer for them to be driven to clubs, parties and events.

I am proud to be part of a solution with the Pink Mustache. Passengers must download the Lyft app. to request a ride, and set their location; the closest driver will then receive a ping to accept the request. The passenger normally has the option to type in destination ahead of time and pay through the Lyft app and could add a tip.