This Company Guarantees Your Bike Will Never Be Stolen Again


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The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child. — Joe Houldsworth

I’ve seen some amazing acts of honesty in my life, such as when I saw an unattended box of fruit with a price tag and cash box next to it for passersby to take what they want and leave the appropriate amount of money next to that lonely sign because everyone in that Japanese countryside town never thinks about stealing; but in the rest of this world, theft is a bad habit we pay for when we lower our guard even for a moment

While many types of property theft have declined in recent years, bicycle theft is on the rise, according to FBI statistics. The increasing popularity of bicycling as a sport and a means of transportation have made bicycles an easy target for thieves. It is estimated that over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year. No where is bicycle theft a bigger problem than on college campuses–over half of the property crime in the University of California involves the theft of bicycles.

Fortified Bicycle guarantees your bike will never be stolen again

This past May, Fortified, a Boston-based startup, has introduced to cyclists a lightweight bike-seat security clamp. And now, after 5 months of hard work, those MIT geeks are proudly presenting to us Invincible, a bike uniquely designed to solve the specific problems that pain city cyclists. In addition to featuring puncture-resistant tires and a rust-resistant chain and frame, Invincible comes backed by a pioneering Theft Protection that replaces the bike and any of its individual components in the event of theft.


In order to eliminate the risk of theft, Fortified has built a team of Bike Security Experts whose sole responsibility is to keep Invincible safe at all times. The team approves new buyers, manages ownership, monitors secondary markets to identify stolen bicycles for sale, and — in the  unlikely event that the bike is stolen — works with local law enforcement to recover the bike and apprehend the thieves. “Every one of them was riding a bike designed for anything but the city: road bikes, mountain bikes, etc. Because these bikes weren’t designed to overcome thieves, weather damage or flat tires, they die in the city. We built Invincible to love the city,” said co-founders Amour and Slava Menn.

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When you buy an Invincible bicycle, you get a tough, simple U-lock that allows you to lock up anywhere around town without fear of theft. It’s a “City-Proof” bike that is:

  1. Theft-proof. Outfitted with Fortified’s proprietary anti-theft hardware, each of the bike’s components — handlebars, seat, wheels, front lights, and rear lights — are guaranteed against theft. Most importantly, if the bike or any of its components are ever stolen, Fortified’s Protection Policy will ship replacements within 24 hours.
  1. Rust-proof. Constructed with a 6061 Aluminum rust-proof frame and zinc-coated, corrosion-resistant chain, Invincible is built to endure the harshest winter conditions.
  1. Flat-proof. Equipped with puncture-resistant tires, Invincible is designed to float over potholes and climb curbs.


The Invincible bicycle comes in two versions: single-speed and eight-speed. For cyclists who live in flat cities like Chicago and New York, a single-speed bike is perfect while riders in hillier cities like San Francisco whose bicycles are usually geared will want to get the eight-speed version that can cover the full range. ““Both versions have light-tread tires that are 700x32c: beefy enough to swallow curbs without the unnecessary knottiness of mountain bike tires,” said Menn.

Both versions are currently available on Kickstarter. Bikes start as low as $399 upfront and less than $10 per month for Theft Protection coverage. For more information on the Invincible bicycle, including the specifications of each model, see their site at invincible.fortifiedbike.com.

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