Choosing the Right RV Mattress 6 Factors to Look for

Choosing the Right RV Mattress: 6 Factors to Look for

Are you ready for summer? If you answered yes, then you’re certainly not alone.

After all, it’s been a long winter, thus many people are ready to hit the road and enjoy warmer weather. And when it comes to making the most of exploring the country, there’s no better way to maximize your time on the highways of American than in an RV.

This article takes a look at how to choose the right RV mattress. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on RV mattress sizes so that you and your family can have the ultimate vacation experience this summer. Now shopping for mattresses in general can be hard, you’ve surely been through a fair few reviews for the perfect mattress! You can see this Aldi mattress Review for an example! But there are so many different levels of comfort, practicality, size, material, how do you know what is best?

1. Choosing the Right Size

First of all, let’s talk about what size you’ll need. After all, every RV is designed differently. The key is to measure the width and length of your bedding area.

Keep in mind that a standard size mattress will work just fine in many cases, but you might need to invest in a custom size mattress in order to achieve the perfect fit and maximize comfort.

2. Choosing the Right Cut Style

Cut style is also important. This refers to how the corners of the mattress are designed. For example, mattresses feature either square corners, rounded edges, or one or two cut corners.

Choosing the right cut style for your RV will help ensure a snug and secure fit so that the mattress won’t slide around while you drive or sleep.

3. Choosing the Type of Mattress You Need

When shopping for a short queen RV mattress or the right RV king mattress size, keep in mind that there are three major types of mattresses to choose from. These are spring, air, and foam.

Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Spring mattresses are typically the least comfortable. Air mattresses are extremely comfortable but will wear out faster, while foam mattresses offer the greatest level of comfort and the best night’s sleep.

Here’s a resource where you can browse RV mattresses.

4. Where Will It Go In Your RV?

It’s also important to consider exactly where in your RV the mattress will go. Perhaps you have a pop-up camper, a big RV, or a small overhead cab space where you’ll be sleeping. Thus you will need a mattress that will properly fit the space where it’s intended to fit.

5. Look For a Warranty

Not every mattress will come with a warranty. Thus it’s crucial to buy one with a good warranty that covers materials and manufacturing flaws.

6. Check the Return Policy

If you buy the wrong mattress, you’re going to need to find another one. That’s why it’s important to make sure the retailer offers a return policy for at least the first thirty days following the purchase. Take a look at this example. Winstons Beds, a mattress manufacturing company, strives to stay ahead of its competitors by providing the option 200 nights free trial to their customers. Unlike the other leading firms like Vispring, Winstons try to ensure their mattresses are sold at reasonable prices. To know more about the benefits that each one provides, you can take a look at Vispring Mattress vs Winstons Beds guide here.

A Camper’s Guide to Choosing the Best RV Mattress for Your Upcoming Vacation

Planning your next getaway can be fun and exciting. Fortunately, these tips for picking an RV mattress will help make sure that your vacation gets started off on the right foot.

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