Chevy vs. Ford: The Age-Old Rivalry

The Chevy vs. Ford debate has always been one of the hottest topics in the auto industry. Both companies make some of the finest vehicles and most recognizable trucks in the world. With the new models out for both, the winner in this debate will definitely surprise you. 


Detroit is second to none when it comes to auto manufacturing. They are also home to the original big three automakers that send inventory to chevy dealers Utah. Since Chevy is owned by General Motors, that makes them an official member of the big 3. They are also still based in Michigan, while Ford has opted to move their plants elsewhere. A lot of thinking went into this decision, but it still rubbed a lot of consumers the wrong way. There are many personal reasons why former Ford buyers moved over to Chevy, and this played a major part. Being a Detroit automaker goes beyond pride and extends into what makes up the core of American cars or trucks. It’s a small detail, but an important one to consider in the Chevy vs. Ford debate. 


Longevity is something that consumers associate with trucks. Part of that has to do with availability of parts and the ease of upgrade. Wear and tear on important parts are also something to consider when gauging longevity. As newer trucks get modern parts, Chevy has managed to stay ahead of the curve without affecting part availability. That means you can repair a Chevy vehicle without an insane wait on a specific part. Even when the chip shortage was a worldwide manufacturing problem, Chevy was one of the few brands that were minimally affected. Longevity in a purchase increases value, so Chevy once again wins in this part of the debate. 


A lot of noise has been made about the performance of F-150’s. The raw power of a Ford truck is well known, and the brand makes it a point to market horsepower. Chevy has managed to reveal some of the flaws of that philosophy by concentrating on performance per mile averages – this is where Chevy trucks shine, and it has eventually led to them creating the most talked about new truck models. This isn’t a ‘tortoise and hare’ situation, but a power vs efficient power matchup. And to no one’s surprise, Chevy once again makes their presence known


Price is where these two giant automakers trade blows. Ford has the edge on resale value while Chevy is better for its initial price. Chevy parts are also better priced, easier to find and less likely to break down. Ford parts are more expensive, but easier to maintain for smaller things. A consumer that has beginner experience with maintenance can complete a lot of minor work on Ford.

The Final Choice 

Although you can’t go wrong with either brand, Chevy is still the clear winner. Resale value and light maintenance are the only areas where Ford can best a Chevy vehicle. Look at the comparisons, and then make a choice that will last you a lifetime.