Cary! goes mobile for automotive classifieds.

We’re in a region where cars are a big deal – big roads, cheaper petrol and the status attributed to it, all result in a higher than regular value attached to your vehicle of choice. On the other hand there also exists a market that is price sensitive and is willing to forego the smell of a new car for a lower price point. As a result, buying and selling activity tends to be high. Take a look at any classifieds section – offline or online – and it is still rampant with listings.

In such a market, Cary! (yes with the exclamation mark) is betting strongly on mobile. It is a mobile only classifieds service for buying and selling of cars.

Both dealers and users can sign up to the application to list the car they want or are selling. Dealerships have to pay a fee to list more than 5 cars, and individual users can list up to 1 car at a time for free.

Cary! distinguishes itself from other automotive classified services by saying it is also a social network, or will be at least. Their upcoming release will allow users to create groups, presumably on car brands. In addition to that, users will be able to privately message dealerships and other buyers & sellers.

Cary! is also aiming to launch a hardware device called Cary! Connect that will provide users with vital information and is based on the ‘Internet of Things’ platform according to the service. While Cary! is yet to finalise the pricing model for the device, it aims to launch it before the end of 2015.

The site has reached its crowd funding target of $103,400 on for equity of ~6.8% of the app. Cary! is now looking to raise a round of $1 million.

Cary! is available on iOS and Android stores, with a mobile friendly website in the works. Visit their website here