Carnival Cruise Ships Are Getting Faster Wifi

Trying to use the internet on a cruise ship is never easy, you know it can be an exercise in frustration — the connection is rarely speedy or reliable enough to make you feel at home. But soon, you may not have to worry about this anymore. Carnival is now rolling out WiFi@Sea, a “smart hybrid” network that automatically switches between satellite data and land-based antennas depending on whichever is quickest. In theory, this leads to service that’s not just 10 times faster, but more reliable; you should have an easier time uploading vacation photos, even if you’re between ports. This may be enough to attract a whole new batch of vacationers to cruise ships, although some people may still have their concerns regarding the security and safety of these boats. However, if anything does go wrong on a cruise, to the point where somebody is injured, they can always recruit a Long Beach cruise ship lawyer to help with any legal proceedings that may occur as a result of this.uise” href=””>Engadget