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Buying and selling a used car can be a hassle and dangerous. Many women worry about their safety and that’s the whole idea behind a new service.

This service is geared towards women, set up with them in mind and yet, so far both men and women have been buying and selling cars in roughly equal numbers.

We are in San Francisco during lunch hour and down the street comes one sweet ride. A white BMW just purchased by Khoa Doba.

Doba just used an online service to buy this car. It’s a far different way to buy than your average online listing.

Amanda Yan sold the car that Doba bought using a service called Carlypso.

“I reached out to them and the next day or the day after they sent a mechanic to come and look at the car, clean the car and take pictures of the car. They posted it online and probably that day or the next day. And then it took about a week for them to get people to come test drive the car,” Yan said.

“So what we do is make it really easy to sell your car for more money that you would get a dealer,” Carlypso Co-Founder Chris Coleman said.

Coleman says each car is tracked with a GPS device and a lock box with a car key is attached to the car as well.

“We take care of everything from our office in San Carlos. So as soon as a device is attached, you don’t have to do anything. What we’ll do is start fielding all the calls, everything the buyers are going to ask and we’ll start answering all the questions, then we’ll set up a test drive and they’ll literally swipe in and out almost like a Zip Car almost to test drive your car,” Coleman said.

That’s how it worked for Doba. He showed up and took the car for a drive.

“I test drive by myself, there’s nobody there, so it is a little weird. So they have a little box on the side of the window, so they give me the pass code to get the key to get inside the car and then just test drive by myself,” Doba said.

Two hours later he had the papers filled out and had paid for the car. He feels like he got a great deal and Amanda received 30 percent more than any car dealership had offered her. That is what you also do when looking for the way how to get more cash for your car in Ottawa by junking before winter.

I’m a female and I didn’t feel comfortable taking people on test drives, so that was really attractive to me just that I could be kind of removed from the process,” Yan said.

And that’s not the end of it.

Finney: “So you buy the car, now you have two cars. What did you do?”

“Carlypso agreed to take the old car to the auction and whatever, however how much they sell it for, they will give me a check for it. Actually yeah I got the check for $1500 in the mail like two weeks after,” Doba said.

Carlypso checks identification before allowing a test drive and in exchange for all of their work, they receive get 5 percent of the selling price.