Music Business

Can Music Help You In Business?

Music is an industry, filled with things like supply, demand, and a consumer mood. Therefore, many qualities in the budding musician tend to crossover to the entrepreneur.  

In fact, there’s so much crossover that often these two disciplines become one in the same, with musicians selling the rights to their songs, negotiating contract deals, or having a hand in the merchandise they put out into the world. There’s a lot of interchangeable qualities in both worlds, and taking advantage of that fact could help you in your future entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Therefore, here is a quick list of ways that music can help you in business. 

Relieving Stress

Heading up a business brings a great deal of stress. It can be isolating work, consuming all your time and brain power as you chase down success. 

Contrary to popular belief, stress is not part of the job. Left unchecked, it can unravel not only everything you have worked so hard to build, but the very fabric of your personal wellbeing also. You need an outlet to answer these issues, and while stress can be expected to surface from time to time, finding a way to quickly expel it from your system is the best answer here. Que music! 

It’s never been easier to master the drum rudiments, and before long you’ll be flailing your arms around in a flurry of controlled rage. Companies like Pirate Studios can provide you with an intricate lowdown on learning to play the drums, so consult their resources and you’ll be proficient as soon as possible. Single stroke, double stroke, three stroke and more – it’s all there for you to learn at your leisure. Start drumming, and you’ll feel the stress bubble away in no time, helping you to enjoy a more focused professional life too. 

Practicing Patience

When you’re free of stress, your mind is clearer thereafter. It becomes easier to practice patience and to time your decisions, qualities both mandatory in music and business alike. 

A drummer, for example, needs to set a reliable tempo for the rest of the band to play within. Too fast or too slow, and everything falls apart thereafter, and the rest of the band lose the framework that guides their musicality. Therefore, it could be a good idea to apply these principles to your business acumen. As an entrepreneur, you could be the leader in your business environment, and thus set the tempo of the work culture. 

It’s also worth noting that patience is a key attribute is a key asset in an entrepreneur simply as far as the decision-making goes. When is the right time to expand? When is the right time to hire new employees? When is the right time to market a new product? These are all crucial points of an entrepreneur’s life that require instinctive precision. Music could help you nurture that ability.  

Fine Tuning Perseverance 

Nobody becomes a successful musician overnight. By the same token, nobody becomes a prolific entrepreneur overtime, either. 

Mastering both disciplines will take years of hard work. When somebody is incredible at what they do, it can seem natural to draw half-hearted assumption as to the inherent talent they possess. However, this paints only a small fraction of the picture. The success of both the musician and the entrepreneur comes from an unwavering dedication to feed their inner passion.

Both parties will have dreams when they start out, visualising where they would like to see themselves one year hence, or five years hence. They will also acknowledge that there is no ‘end game’, and that there is always room to explore, expand, and develop their respective skillset. It’s the little milestones along the way that make the journey worthwhile, so adopting a realistic perspective and fine tuning your perseverance, in either discipline, will set you on a more likely path to success.  


Some people think that the business environment is sapped of all creativity, a soulless place of grey office rooms and ringing phones. Tedious conversations and boring meetings are often considered to be part of the corporate agenda too. 

While there is some truth in this conception in some circles, companies aren’t completely removed from dashes of fun creativity. If that were the case, then who manufacturers all the latest fun and crazy toys for kids? Who creates things like water guns, or even chocolate? Some light digging will soon reveal a host of fun, creative decisions in the marketing of these types of products. 

The creativity in artistry speaks for itself. Therefore, it stands to reason that learning an instrument could simply keep that side of your brain active. Writing a new song or even playing a random series of chords could serve as warmup of sorts for the big business decisions later down the line. Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs come from messing around, as Paul McCartney can testify with his latest album of all things. Sometimes, working hard and playing hard are simply one in the same.