Brooklyn To Manhattan In Four Minutes! The Idea Has Been Planned Out

Amazing things are happening here in New York City.

A New York City real estate developer wants to build a high-speed gondola that he claims could carry 5,000 people per hour and reduce traveling time for Brooklyn residents commuting to Manhattan by up to 30 minutes. Brooklyn to Queens would take no longer than 12 minutes, and Williamsburg to Manhattan would take just four minutes. The ride would also offer choice 360-degree views of New York City’s skyline, so could attract some tourists too.

CityRealty chief Dan Levy proposed the ski lift-type tram at a real estate conference in Brooklyn in mid-September with the purpose of “given the exciting growth in Brooklyn and Queens.”

Cities around the globe are recognizing the viability and efficiency of urban gondolas to overcome serious transportation challenges. An aerial transportation system would be a relatively inexpensive and quickly-deployable solution here in New York,” emphasized Dan Levy.

As CityRealty has planned out, the first phase would connect the Brooklyn Navy Yard to Williamsburg and then Williamsburg to the Lower East Side. Later on, the system would expand to link to the South Street Seaport, and connect Greenpoint and Long Island City to the existing tram route on Roosevelt Island. Each phase of development would cost up to $125 million.

Levy said his proposal is “pennies on the dollar relative to building a new bridge or digging a new subway tunnel,” and it has other benefits as well.

This is still just a proposal at present, and we’ve no hard data available yet, but the developers assert that building a gondola system would less environmentally destructive than many other massive transporting works. Share your comments with us.